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Defined Irrigation

The plan, which regulates watering to two nights per week, is designed to help forestall a pending water crisis in the township and elsewhere in Montgomery County.

Bill Payments

Information about Online Payments, Automated Phone Payments, Mail or drop off locations, Third party payments, and more.

GRP Information

The Woodlands is only part of the Groundwater Reduction Plan system. A total of 85 Municipal Utility Districts throughout Montgomery County are participating in the program.

Water Conservation

Over-watering is the most frequent mistake homeowners make in lawn care. Too much water promotes a shallow root system and this causes grass and plants to be much more vulnerable to hot/dry weather.

About WJPA

The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency is the central management agency for the eleven Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) that currently serve The Woodlands in Montgomery County. The services we provide are water distribution, wastewater collection, storm drainage and tax collection services.

The principal objective of The WJPA is to provide the MUDs we serve with professional, reliable and quality services consistent with fiscal responsibility. We are also committed to improving our efficiency and effectiveness at maintaining the utility infrastructure and enhancing communication with our customers.

Featured Updates/Articles

  • WJPA
    Woodlands MUD Districts Plan Elections
    Six of the 11 municipal utility districts managed by The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency will hold a joint board of director’s election on Saturday, May 10...
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  • Thirsty or Thriving?
    Thirsty or Thriving?
    Please Join Us at the Montgomery County Water Supply & Conservation Symposium, Saturday, April 5, 2014 from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at The Woodlands Township Board Room located at 2801 Technology...
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  • Woodlands Township Gardening 101
    Woodlands Township Gardening 101
    Gardening 101 and 102 go beyond the basics, offering water-wise techniques for woodland landscapes. Experts share their wit and wisdom in a three-hour program, providing a guide to create and maintain a...
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